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7 Signs It’s Time for Watch Repair

7 Signs It's Time for Watch Repair

A decent watch can last for decades. When taken care of, they can be passed down as a family heirloom. However, there’s no guarantee that it will perform optimally throughout its entire lifespan, especially if it runs every day. The good news is that there are noticeable signs that it’s time for watch repairs.

If you have a watch that you want to last for a long time, it’s essential to know and catch the signs it needs to be repaired. Don’t wait for it to break down or fail before you call for watch repair services. Here’s a list of the most common signs to look out for.

Signs You Need Watch Repair Services

The indications that it’s time for watch repairs are:

1. It runs fast.

It’s normal for watches to be advanced by a few seconds. Environmental variables can help them self-correct the time. However, when watches become advanced by a few minutes, it’s a sign to bring them to professionals who repair watches.

Watches that were accidentally magnetized usually run faster than they should. Although you can repair them with the help of a magnetizer at home, it’s better to have them checked by professionals to know if there’s another reason for them to run fast.

2. It loses time.

Losing time is another sign to look out for. It’s a sign of mechanical problems or power source issues that cause watches to lose a few seconds every day. Mechanical watches are more susceptible to losing time compared to quartz watches.

One indication to look out for in mechanical watches is when the minute hand flicks backward before it goes forward every minute. On the other hand, the sign you need to catch in quartz watches is a skipping second hand. When you notice these signs, seek help from professionals who repair watches immediately.

3. It has a jumping or stuttering second hand.

A jumping or stuttering second hand is a problem that occurs in both mechanical and quartz watches due to weak batteries or other internal problems. While this issue doesn’t usually affect the accuracy of time given by watches, it still needs to get fixed right away.

When left unaddressed, it can cause watches to lose time or stop working altogether, requiring more costly repairs. It’s best to call for watch repair services right away to know the best course of action to take — whether maintenance, battery replacement, or repairs.

4. There’s moisture inside the case.

Moisture inside watch cases is often a result of exposure to water without adjusting the gaskets. A tiny droplet of water inside watch cases is enough to cause damage that’s beyond repair. For that reason, it’s crucial to call professionals who know how to repair a watch.

Both freshwater and salt water can cause corrosion inside watches, but the latter can do it faster. Take note that putting your watch in a bag of rice or using a blow-dryer is not a viable option; neither of these can reach your watch’s internal parts. Call for watch repairs immediately.

5. It produces rattling sounds.

Rattling sounds are another sign that you need to call professionals with the required knowledge and experience to repair a watch. These unusual noises are a result of having loose or broken parts inside watches. They are hard to notice; you might even need to stay in a quiet room for a few minutes to hear them.

Regardless of what’s loose or broken inside watches, it can cause serious problems when it gets stuck. Once you hear rattling sounds, remove your watch carefully and bring it to specialists who repair watches. Put it in a secure box or bag to avoid shaking or jostling it before getting repaired.

6. It malfunctions frequently.

This problem is common in watches with built-in stopwatches and calendars. If you have a watch that malfunctions frequently, it’s a clear sign for watch repairs.

While some watches work well after a few hours of malfunctioning, it’s best to have them checked by professionals who repair watches; this prevents the problem from worsening and allows the professionals to check for loose parts that need fixing or replacing.

7. Its band sticks or stiffens.

One of the easiest problems to fix is a band that sticks or stiffens, usually in watches designed with metal bands. With the help of professionals who know how to repair a watch, you can get this problem fixed in an hour or less.

Portofino Jewelry Provides Watch Repair Services

Scouring the internet for guides on how to repair a watch is not the best option. While it can save you money, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll do it right. To ensure precise and accurate repairs, call Portofino Jewelry. We have skilled professionals who know how to repair watches. For inquiries, call us today!

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