Men’s Wedding Bands

Portofino Jewelry Mens Wedding Band

Men's Wedding Bands

Planning to spend the rest of your life with someone is one of the most significant decisions you will make in your life.
Portofino Jewelry Mens Wedding Band
While men spend most of their time looking for the perfect engagement ring for their fiancée, they don’t tend to give much thought to their own ring.
Because of that, many guys opt to wear classic wedding bands. Although there is nothing wrong with wearing a simple wedding band, it is much better to purchase the one you want, with the perfect fit and complements your style.
Here is everything you need to consider when choosing a wedding band:
Portofino Jewelry Mens Wedding Band
Portofino Jewelry Mens Wedding Band

Types of Wedding Bands

Size of the Wedding Band

When choosing the size of your wedding band, never settle for one that slides easily on your finger. If the ring does not fit your finger perfectly, it could either slip right off or damage the circulation of blood in your finger.

The best way to find the perfect size for you, visit a jewelry store and have a professional jeweler measure your ring finger. Another way is to use a sizing tool online to see the size of your finger at home. Although this may be a little inaccurate compared to a professional measurement, it is still better to have a starting point of measurement.

Width of the Wedding Band

The width of your wedding band is one of its most essential aspects. To appear more masculine, some men choose a wider band. However, the masculinity of the band must not be the basis of your choice. Purchase a ring that fits your finger perfectly and suits your style.

You can try bands with different widths to find the one that looks best on your finger. If you have thin fingers, a narrow band is better for you. If you have large fingers, opt for a wider band.

If we are honest, less thought goes into men’s wedding bands than a woman’s engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean you must give it less credit than it deserves. There are many options when it comes to the materials, size, and width of the ring. Choose the one that looks and feels the best.

Portofino Jewelry Wedding Band Sizes

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