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Portofino Jewelry About Handmade Jewelry
Portofino Jewelry About Handmade Jewelry
Portofino Jewelry About Handmade Jewelry
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Portofino Jewelry

Portofino Jewelry is located at Chapel Square in Avon, Colorado. We are a jewelry shop established in 1998, meaning we have almost 23 years of experience in providing handmade and quality jewelry to individuals and couples alike. Our goal is to provide affordable jewelry brands in all of Colorado.

We believe that you can preserve memories through jewelry. Portofino Jewelry has been delivering elegant necklaces, earrings, engagement rings, and wedding bands. We can assist you in choosing the perfect jewelry for you or your loved ones. If you want something out of the ordinary, we can also do custom jobs. Trust us when we say that we can do it.

Jewelry is more than precious gems and stones. It is an extension of an individual’s personality. When you visit our shop, our staff will be more than willing to present you with options. We have a wide array of beads, findings, and charms. We’ll assist you in making your personalized bracelets.

Every piece has a story and can complete your look for any occasion. Portofino Jewelry has witnessed countless beautiful stories come alive through our premium selection of jewelry. We’ve assisted hundreds of couples looking for the perfect wedding ring to commemorate their love for one another.

At Portofino Jewelry, we believe that having quality jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. You can be confident that you’ll have something you’ll love with an affordable price tag when you visit us. We also have items on display that have a markdown of 50%. Don’t hesitate to ask us about them; we’re more than happy to accommodate you.

Customer Support

Need help? We provide email and phone support. Contact us today, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

14-Day Exchange

Unhappy with your purchase? Have your jewelry piece exchanged or receive store credit for a future visit.

Portofino Jewelry Handmade Jewelry

We have everything from moonstones, gemstones, sterling silver, white gold, diamonds, and more.

With Portofino Jewelry, all the possibilities are endless. If you have a design in mind, let us know. We’ll see what we can do to make your desired jewelry come to life. We are also knowledgeable about everything related to jewelry. So if you’ve got questions, talk to us!

Aside from that, we also have other services which locals love. If you have broken or damaged watches or jewelry tucked away in your dresser, it’s time to take them out. We can do jewelry repairs, link adjustments, and battery replacements. They can still serve their purpose; you have to go to Portofino Jewelry.

Another mistake that most jewelry owners commit is not taking their collection for a jewelry cleaning. They often think that old and dirty jewelry no longer has a shine to it. At Portofino Jewelry, we can clean it for you. Just wait and see your old jewelry become brand-new all over again.

Our goal is to produce premium quality, handcrafted jewelry for everyone.

You can never go wrong when you visit our shop! We are more than happy to create your dream jewelry. Visit us now!

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