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Watch Repair

Portofino Jewelry Watch Repair

A watch is more than just a timekeeper.

It is also a symbol of achievement, a tracker of today’s to-do list, a fashion statement, and a necessity.
Portofino Jewelry Watch Repair
Whether it is high-priced or middle-priced, a watch serves its purpose daily.
Can you imagine living a day without a watch at all? Like a car that requires regular maintenance, a watch needs care as well. Let’s face it, at one point in time; your watch will stop telling the right time and, its hands will start skipping. As much as you do not intend to, you’ll inevitably drop your watch or get it wet on accident.
Portofino Jewelry Watch Repair

As people say, “When it is not broken, don’t fix it." There’s a truth to that.

However, maintenance is another thing. Maintenance can save you a lot in expenses and stress. When it comes to watches, professionals recommend having them serviced or checked every three to five years. Beyond five years, a minor ding could cost you more in the end. If there’s nothing wrong, then at least have it cleaned? The watch repair service can check for any red flags and immediately recommend what needs touching up when you do this.

Looking for a watch repair shop can be a challenging task. If your watch is worth thousands of dollars or emotionally attached to it, you need to find one that will take care of it as much as you do.

If you still do not know what to do, leave the job to us at Portofino Jewelry, and we’ll do it just right. Let me tell you why:

1. We have been in the business since 1998.

And that’s about 23 years in service. That alone is proof that we have serviced many watches and jewelry. Watch repair has been our craft for all these years. We can make an overhaul, battery replacement, and link adjustments just right. There is no need to worry as we have the knowledge and skills to fix it for you.

2. We have the right tools and equipment.

While it is tempting to open the watch and fix the damage on your own, it would cost you more if you do not get it right. When you use a watch repair shop, you can rest assured that we will see the tiniest detail and fix the slightest damage. Avoid getting into more significant trouble when you can have a watch repair service like us.

3. We are worthy of your trust.

We are a team of skilled individuals. We care for your watch as much as we care for our customers. Like what we have said, watch repair is our craft, and we commit to getting things done the right way.

The next time you see your watch is not functioning correctly, you probably need to see us.

Let us fix your watch and help its heart start pumping again. Please send us a message, or drop by our store anytime.