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Portofino Jewelry Wedding Anniversary Bands

All About Wedding & Anniversary Bands

Celebrating a wedding milestone isn’t complete without an anniversary band. Anniversary bands symbolize what the couple has achieved. It could be a milestone like the 10th, 15th, 25th, or even just your 1st anniversary.
Portofino Jewelry Wedding Anniversary Bands
Portofino Jewelry Wedding Anniversary Bands
Portofino Jewelry Choose Wedding Anniversary Bands

There is no specific rule as to when you can give an anniversary band.

Whatever your marriage’s milestone is, one thing is for sure; your spouse will love getting another ring from you!

Not everyone knows about anniversary bands, so if you’re curious, look no further; Portofino Jewelry will help you understand and choose that unique ring for you and your spouse. Let us talk more about it.

Wedding and Anniversary rings differ on the occasion – one symbolizes the wedding, one represents a milestone. These two have just one thing in common – you are celebrating your love for each other. As wonderful as it sounds, giving an anniversary band is a great way to celebrate the love you have shared so far and the beautiful future it brings. Simply put, anniversary bands symbolize your long-lasting love for each other.

Will an anniversary band replace your wedding band?

Not necessarily. It is entirely up to both of you. You can wear anniversary rings together with the engagement and wedding rings or separately. They can either be stacked up, worn on separate fingers, or even worn on the right hand. Stacking up these three rings can create a stunning look, but if you or your spouse do not want these three to compete, you can wear them separately.

How to Choose an Anniversary Band?

First, you need to know how they will wear it. Stacked up or worn separately? If stacked up, three rings complement each other to make it more pleasing to the eyes. If worn independently, you may choose any design as it can stand out.

Second, choose gemstones. Diamonds are, of course, the most common choice, but you are free to choose which gems you want.

It could be your spouse’s favorite gemstone or your child’s birthstone. Another anniversary ring you may want to consider is the eternity band. As we know, an eternity band symbolizes everlasting love and commitment.

If you are still unsure which gemstone to choose, you may choose the traditional ones: Gold for 1st year; Sapphire for 5th; Diamond for 10th; Ruby for 15th; Emerald for 20th; Silver Jubilee for 25th; Pearl Jubilee for 30th and Golden Jubilee for 50th.

Staring at wedding and anniversary bands is just priceless. It can take anyone’s breath away. It’s as beautiful as the love shared!

We, at Portofino Jewelry, can help you choose the right ring. We have a wide selection of rings to show you. However, if you still do not know where to start or feel overwhelmed with several options, let us know more about your marriage, and we can narrow down the choices or customize it just for you! Yes, we customize rings according to how you envisioned them. A loving inscription on your ring makes it a lot more memorable as well.

Portofino Jewelry Choose Wedding Anniversary Bands

When it comes to any of your jewelry questions or needs, Portofino Jewelry is the place.

Visit our store or drop us a message, and we’ll be there to celebrate your milestone! We wish you the happiest anniversary!