Jewelry Repair Avon, CO

Do you have damaged pieces of jewelry that are no longer wearable?
Maybe the only thing they need is professional jewelry repair in Avon, Colorado! Look no further; Portofino Jewelry is here for you! If you’re unsure whether you need our jewelry repair service, we’ve listed signs that your jewelry needs repaired.
Portofino Jewelry Repair Avon CO
Portofino Jewelry Repair Avon CO

Broken Prongs

If you’re wearing your engagement ring constantly, it’s only natural that it will have signs of wear and tear. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot restore them to their former glory.

The best thing you can do is bring your ring with broken prongs to Portofino Jewelry. We can re-tip or replace the prongs of your ring quickly. If you decide to wait, you risk losing the gemstones affixed to it. Our jewelry repair service in Avon, CO, is top-notch, so you don’t have to worry.

Worn Metal

If you don’t remove your rings when you wash the clothes or dishes, the metal could wear off. When this happens, you don’t need to discard the ring. At Portofino Jewelry, we also don’t suggest that you try to fix it by yourself.

We can replace the metal at our jewelry repair store in Avon, CO, without damaging any precious stones. We do our repairs seamlessly. You can rest assured that your ring will look as good as new.

Broken Links and Chains

Rings aren’t the only piece of jewelry that is prone to damage. Your bracelets and necklaces can also experience broken links and chains. If this happened to your favorite pieces, don’t tuck them away. All you have to do is bring it to us.

We don’t recommend that you solder it yourself or do any DIY repairs you found on Google. You risk damaging your jewelry and decreasing its value in the process. We have all the necessary equipment to re-attach or replace any broken chains and links.

Lost Stones

It can be unpleasant to the eyes when you have earrings, rings, or necklaces with missing stones. These gaps can affect your confidence in wearing them. No one wants to let their collection go to waste.

So, if you have any jewelry with missing gemstones, we can replace them for you. We have a wide selection available. We can also assist you in choosing a new stone if you want something different.

Spinning Rings

Another natural occurrence is spinning rings. You might be thinking, “Why did it happen when I chose the right size?”. Rings can sometimes become way too tight or too loose due to weight loss, weight gain, or finger size fluctuations.

Portofino Jewelry can fix that for you. We can add tiny beads, also called “speed bumps,” to the inner shank of your ring to prevent it from spinning. You won’t have to adjust it again.
Portofino Jewelry Repair Avon CO

If you have jewelry pieces with the conditions mentioned above, the best thing is to have our team at Portofino Jewelry fix it.

We guarantee that we’ll give you the best jewelry repair service in Avon, Colorado! Give us a call or drop by our shop.