Jewelry Repair Eagle, CO

Did the chain of your necklace recently break?
Have you noticed a missing stone from your earring? Does your childhood favorite ring not fit your finger anymore? Heartbreaking, isn’t it? Accidents do happen, and our bodies change as we age.
Portofino Jewelry Repair Eagle CO
Portofino Jewelry Repair Eagle CO

At one point in time, we all experience getting our favorite necklace or bracelet damaged.

No matter how we take care of our precious stones, there are inevitable circumstances that they pop out or become loose. It is likewise unavoidable that your ring size changes as you age. That bracelet that you had when you were a kid, of course, would not fit now that you are an adult. But instead of considering tucking them inside your jewelry box or selling them for some cash, why don’t you try to save them? We at Portofino Jewelry can be your hero! Let us give you some tips.

Before you go and look for a store that repairs jewelry in Eagle, CO, you must know the value of your jewelry piece. The first thing that a jeweler will do is assess and evaluate the worth and then give you a quote for the repair services. You should discuss your options carefully with the jeweler, and you should make a plan with the jeweler; the jeweler will not do anything without your permission.

To give you an idea of what to expect on jewelry repair, stick around:

Portofino Jewelry Repair Eagle CO
Though there are things you may do at home for some repair, getting professional help is advisable. A band-aid solution is not a permanent solution.

Why choose Portofino Jewelry among other jewelry repair shops in Eagle, Colorado? Because we have 23 years experience in the field. Our jewelers are well-trained and knowledgeable in handling any repair needed by your precious items. We have serviced several individuals and families over the years and have been part of life milestones for our clients.

With us, you can rest assured that you will receive high-quality repair and that your precious piece will be as good as new. We pay attention to the tiniest detail to ensure that we will not harm your stores, and it will come back in its most excellent condition.

Should you need your jewelry fixed right, do not hesitate to give us a call.

You will never regret choosing us!