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Engagement Rings

Portofino Jewelry Engagement Ring

Portofino Jewelry

Portofino Jewelry has already helped numerous soon-to-be newlyweds in choosing the perfect engagement ring for their partners. We know that it can be an overwhelming task, but we’re here to assist you. We’ve written down everything you should know!
Portofino Jewelry Engagement Ring
Portofino Jewelry Engagement Ring

8 Things to Consider Before Choosing the Ring

Portofino Jewelry Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is something that you or your partner would wear for a long time. It is essential to consider these two things:

Personal Style

Don’t forget your partner’s style, because she is the one who will be wearing the ring. Among personal types are minimalist, classic, bold, glamorous, chic, and romantic. Just tell our staff at Portofino Jewelry, and we can recommend the most suitable engagement ring.


Consider your partner’s hobbies or job when choosing the style of ring. If she is someone who frequently faces people, a ring with a glamorous touch is perfect. If they are in to landscaping, pottery, and baking, consider a ring with minimal designs and smooth details.

6 Things You Should Know When Choosing an Engagement Ring

Components of the Ring

Each engagement ring looks different, and that is what makes them unique. The top components that you should check are the center stone, prong, side stone, bridge, shank, shoulder, and accent stones.


Not everyone understands what the 4Cs are-The 4Cs stand for Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight, and Color. Our staff at Portofino Jewelry can give you tips and recommendations according to your preference and budget. We will also attend to any questions you might have.

Ring Size

If you don’t know your partner’s ring size, you can have a close friend get it for you. Another thing that you can do is borrow one of her rings and bring it to us. You can also ask her directly without giving hints on when you’re planning to propose. Our staff at Portofino Jewelry can help pick out the perfect ring size.

Stone Type

At Portofino Jewelry, we have different gemstones with many gorgeous colors that you can choose from. If you’re not a fan of diamonds, you can pick out other stones including, but not limited to, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Different gemstone colors are yellow, red, pink, purple, green, and white.

Stone Shapes

Wait, there’s more! There are different engagement ring stone shapes to factor in before you have the engagement ring of your dreams. Here’s a summary to give you an idea:
Our staff at Portofino Jewelry can show you samples to see if it’s your taste.


There are also different metals that you can choose from to complete the look of the engagement ring. Among the metals available are the following:
Portofino Jewelry Choosing Engagement Ring

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