All About Anniversary Rings: What You Need to Know

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Many couples find that buying unique anniversary rings is an excellent way to mark a significant milestone in their relationship.

An anniversary ring is a popular way to express love and affection towards your partner. Although there aren’t any set rules, you must choose an anniversary ring that suits your partner’s style and celebrates your individuality.

The anniversary band may be decorated with diamonds or other gemstones, depending on the milestone to be celebrated. If you are new to the idea of anniversary rings, here’s a helpful guide from Portofino Jewelry.

Anniversary Traditions: What Is an Anniversary Ring?

An anniversary ring is a ring one gives to your spouse to commemorate your marriage anniversary, especially for milestones such as 10th, 15th, and 20th years. It is not necessarily like a traditional wedding ring.

Although this type of ring is typically given to women, some couples may opt to have matching bands to commemorate special occasions. You have many options to choose from, including simple gold bands or elaborate diamond rings. With the many options available, you’re sure to find anniversary rings for her.

Anniversary Bands vs. Wedding Bands: What’s the Difference

While they might sound very similar, anniversary and wedding rings are different from one another. An anniversary ring does not have to be as subtle as a wedding ring. Wedding bands are usually small as they complement the engagement rings. On the other hand, an anniversary band is meant to commemorate the milestones of your marriage.

How to Choose Anniversary Rings for Couples

The best thing about rings is their freedom to be as unique and personal as you like. You can go for something that symbolizes who you are as a couple. You also don’t need to feel pressured to purchase matching rings.

Couples are free to mix metals and gemstones to express their taste. The perfect rings should be what feels suitable for you and your partner.

Although anniversary rings are more often given to women, men can also wear them in various ways. Many men wear their anniversary band together with their wedding rings, or they may even replace the old ring with their anniversary ring.

Men’s anniversary band options include a wide range of traditional and modern styles and unique fits and finishes.

Here’s a guide to get you started in your search for the perfect band.

How to Wear Anniversary Bands

There are many ways you can wear an anniversary ring. It is entirely up to you! If your engagement or wedding rings are no longer what you desire, you can replace them with an anniversary ring.

If you are looking to continue wearing your engagement and wedding rings, here are some ways to showcase your anniversary ring:

1. Stacked with your wedding band and engagement ring

If you are still in love with your wedding and engagement rings but want to make them more beautiful, you can stack them together on one finger.

You can choose anniversary rings for couples with more intricate designs for added interest. Or, you can opt for different metal types to create beautiful metal combinations.

2. Worn on the same hand, but different finger

If you don’t want to stack your anniversary ring with existing rings, try wearing it on a different finger on the same hand.

3. Worn on the right hand

Wear your anniversary ring on your right hand if you don’t want it to compete with your existing engagement and wedding ring setup. You can wear anniversary rings on any finger; they can add a beautiful sparkle to your other hand.

Anniversary Rings Tradition: Metals and Gemstones by Anniversary Year

Knowing the anniversary rings tradition can help you narrow down your options. Here are some expert recommendations on the best gemstones for every anniversary year.

1st Anniversary: Gold

The first year of marriage is full of precious memories. A gift of something in gold is a fitting way of remembering them. To make a bold statement, you can choose from white, yellow, and rose gold anniversary rings.

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

The traditional gemstone for fifth-year wedding anniversaries is the sapphire, historically representing truth and loyalty. Though we tend to think of sapphires as royal blue, they are available in many colors, including red, pink, purple, and green.

10th Anniversary: Diamond

A tenth marriage anniversary is a significant occasion for couples. Diamonds are, therefore, the best choice to commemorate this achievement. Their exceptional value and brilliant sparkle make them the perfect gift.

15th Anniversary: Ruby

Rubies are generally considered a gemstone for celebrating fifteen-year wedding anniversaries since they symbolize passion, love, and prosperity. Fifteen years of marriage is a memorable occasion that deserves to be celebrated.

An anniversary ring made with vibrant red ruby gemstones is a beautiful gift for your anniversary.

20th Anniversary: Emerald

It is a significant milestone, and you deserve a unique and rare gem to commemorate it. Emerald is the traditional gem for the 20th wedding anniversary. This gemstone adds style to any engagement or wedding ring set with its stunning green color.

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

From its name, silver is the focus. Couples celebrate 25 years of marriage with a silver jubilee. Silver anniversary rings with a gemstone of your partner’s choice are an ideal gift, especially if they match their wedding and engagement rings.

30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

A pearl stacking ring is excellent for your 30th anniversary. The beauty of cultured and natural pearls is impressive, significantly when they’re set in yellow gold or rose gold.

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

This milestone is a great time to honor the love you share with gold jewelry. It’s called your marriage’s golden jubilee for a reason. A 50th-anniversary ring usually includes diamonds or gemstones set into rose gold or yellow gold.

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