Amazing Facts About Emeralds

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Emeralds are one of the four most recognized precious gemstones, which have been revered through generations for their elegance and vivid green color.

The term emerald is frequently given to landscapes with the same green, vibrant, and lush attributes, indicating the esteem in which we hold the emerald. Since Ancient Egyptian times, emeralds have been adored, and this admiration has persisted to the present day, with emerald jewelry still considered a treasured item.

Green may not be everyone’s favorite hue, but no one can deny that emeralds are extraordinary. The stone’s color is unparalleled, making it a very desirable jewel. Whatever your opinion on emerald’s hue, these amazing facts about emeralds can help rekindle your interest in this exceptional gemstone.

What is an Emerald?

Emeralds are considered beautiful, rare gemstones, alongside sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. The color of emeralds can range from yellowish-green to lemon-green to bluish-green; there is no universal tint. Additionally, an emerald may simultaneously exhibit green and blue colors owing to the emeralds’ twofold refractive nature.

As the birthstone for May, the emerald is thought to promote peace, friendship, loyalty, and dedication, and buying emeralds as a gift for a loved one born in May would be appropriate. In addition, the emerald’s vivid green hue, similar to vegetation, conforms to the belief that it is the gemstone of fertility and growth.

Where Do Emeralds Come From?

Emeralds are mined in America, Colombia, Brazil, Zambia, India, and Ethiopia. Varied conditions in each place affect the grade and hue of the gemstone and indicate where the gemstone originates.

Colombia is home to the world’s best and rarest emeralds. The presence of chromium deposits in the crystals gives them the most vibrant shade of green. Vanadium deposits in emeralds mined in Brazil give them a typical dull grey or brown hue. In contrast, emerald crystals extracted from Zambia contain iron impurities and, as a result, tend to have a blue tint.

Types of Emeralds

Colombian Emerald

With their vivid, purest green color, Colombian emeralds are often regarded as the world’s finest. Emeralds from Colombia are sought after and command the highest price.

Zambian Emerald

Zambian emeralds are typically more porous and less brittle than other emeralds. They generally have a hint of blue that adds a lot of depth to the stone and are more transparent than Colombian emeralds.

Synthetic Emerald

Synthetic emeralds were first successfully produced in the 1930s. Synthetic emeralds have the same chemical composition, the same scratch resistance capacity, and the same colors as natural emeralds. There are two types of processes to produce emeralds synthetically: the flux process and the hydrothermal processes.

Natural Emerald

Emeralds, also known as natural beryl, are emeralds that have not had their look artificially altered.

Trapiche Emerald

What is a Trapiche Emerald? According to the International Gem Society, it is a rare and exquisite type of emerald that can be found in Colombia, South America. Trapiche emeralds normally have a pattern resembling a spoked wheel with a hexagonal hub.

Brazilian Emerald

Typically, Brazilian emeralds have a more yellowish-green hue than their Colombian counterparts.

Amazing Facts About Emeralds

1. Compared to diamonds, emeralds are rarer and frequently more expensive.

Most of us instinctively think of diamonds when considering expensive and rare gemstones. However, emeralds are frequently more expensive because they are more than 20 times rarer than diamonds.

2. They are said to possess unique qualities.

In times gone by, people believed that placing an emerald under your tongue would enable you to glimpse into the future. Emerald jewelry was also believed to improve intuition and prevent memory loss. Additionally, emeralds were used as a truth potion, enabling one to determine whether a partner was being honest when making a vow.

3. Emeralds are the softest known gemstones.

Inclusions can improve the overall beauty of an emerald, but they also make it more brittle when struck against a hard surface or exposed to extreme temperature variations.

4. Almost all emeralds contain inclusions.

In contrast to diamonds, where clarity substantially impacts a stone’s value, inclusions are commonly found in emeralds and have no impact on their value. Inclusions are present in 99% of all natural emeralds, and if you find a stone without inclusions, it is likely a synthetically produced emerald.

5. Colombian emeralds are considered the most expensive in the world.

The price of emerald ranges from USD$30 to USD$10,000 for each stone. This price disparity is mostly attributable to the stone’s quality. The emeralds in the lower price range are younger emeralds that have had less time to develop the hallmark deep color saturation, and they are generally more opaque, lighter in color, and likely to have a turquoise hue. In contrast, emeralds worth thousands of dollars are transparent, dark green, and produced over 40 million years ago.

6. The best place to buy emerald jewelry in Colombia is the Bogotá market.

The Emerald District is located near the La Candelaria district, between 12th Street and 6th Avenue. La Candelaria district is the best spot in the city to purchase emerald jewelry. The majority of Colombia’s emeralds are mined in Boyacá and Cundinamarca. Most of these stones pass via the capital.

7. Cleopatra favored emeralds over other gemstones.

For thousands of years, emeralds have been discovered, revered, and utilized by royalty. And a classic example of royalty having a penchant for emeralds was Cleopatra, the fabled queen of ancient Egypt.

8. Angelina Jolie’s emerald earrings are among the most recognizable pieces of red carpet jewelry.

Elizabeth Taylor was the first Hollywood movie star to make emeralds famous as a fashion statement, and Angelina Jolie followed her. The latter donned emerald earrings on the red carpet at the 2009 Academy Awards. The pear-shaped emerald drop earrings were crafted with 115 carats of Colombian emerald and are estimated to be worth over $2.5 million.


As one of the four valuable gemstones, emeralds are prized for their deep green color, and they are the May birthstone representing eternal youth. Emeralds are rare and exquisite gemstones and have been integral to many cultures throughout history, particularly the ancient Egyptians, who believed the stone possessed extraordinary healing properties.

Even now, emeralds remain one of the most coveted gemstones in the world and are the gemstone of choice for movie stars, the rich and famous, and avid collectors alike. This article has detailed many facts about emeralds, empowering readers to learn more about emeralds.

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