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Diamond Engagement Rings

Portofino Jewelry Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Rings

When choosing the perfect ring, there are many designs and jewelry shops available. Deciding which one perfectly fits and represents the love you share with your future spouse can be overwhelming.
Portofino Jewelry Diamond Engagement Ring
This feeling is not surprising, as there is a lot to consider
Mainly because an engagement ring is one of the most significant purchases you will make in your lifetime. The stress that comes with the pressure of choosing the right ring can be too much. If you are starting to worry whether the engagement ring you are choosing is the best one for you, Portofino Jewelry is here to help ease your worries. Our staff is friendly, and we make sure to take your stress and worry from your ring search.
Here is everything you need to know in choosing the perfect ring for your engagement:
Portofino Jewelry Diamond Shapes
Portofino Jewelry Shape of Diamond

The Four Cs of Diamond Rings

The four Cs of diamond rings is a grading system used to find the best diamond ring based on your budget. Each C stands for something that makes the diamond ring special.

1. Cut

The cut of a diamond refers to the sparkle it has. Judging diamond cuts ranges from excellent to poor. When cutting a diamond, the process must follow specific guidelines to make the stone interact with light to achieve its sparkle.

2. Carat

Carats are the unit of measurement used to measure the size and weight of a diamond. An average diamond engagement ring has one carat, which is 200 milligrams. The price of the ring, mostly, depends on how many carats it has.

3. Clarity

In choosing the best engagement ring, be mindful of any flaw you may find on the stone. Grading a stone’s clarity ranges on a scale of flawless to included. Keep in mind that even the most perfect stone has flaws. Tiny flecks and lines occur naturally during the creation of the diamonds. The more minor and fewer inclusions on the stone, the higher its price will be.

4. Color

The last C of measuring the quality and price of the diamond is color. Diamonds come in different shades, but the rarest types are often colorless. Grading the color ranges from D, which means no color, to Z, which is a little yellowish. Other colors such as pink and chocolate have also become popular in recent years. The more saturated the color of the stone, the more valuable it is.
Portofino Jewelry Shape of Diamond

Picking The Shape of Your Diamond

Along with the four Cs, you also need to choose the diamond based on its shape. There are different styles and shapes available. Here are some of the most popular shapes:

To find the perfect diamond engagement ring, keep in mind that the style and shape should match your style.

To help with your search, Portofino Jewelry offers a wide variety of diamond engagement ring styles that will fit you perfectly. To learn more about our products and services, visit our website or call us now!