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Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

Because popping the big question to your significant other is a momentous event, you know you have to make it memorable. From the place to how you will ask the big question and, most importantly, the ring – every single detail has to be laid out properly. And with so many jewelry stores offering engagement rings, choosing the best one with the perfect charm and fit can become overwhelming. We give you here the 411 on how to choose an engagement ring to make your proposal as romantic as those we gush over in movies.

The Difference Between an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring

While it might be tempting just to get a wedding ring since that is where the proposal is headed, the engagement ring and the wedding ring each signify a different set of symbols.

Engagement rings tend to be larger and flashier, where a diamond is not only the gem that glorifies the whole band. This symbolizes that a woman is already betrothed and is set to be married sooner or later.

On the other hand, wedding rings are much simpler but come with complementary designs for the couple. However, nowadays, people are no longer strictly adhering to tradition and would often require a single ring for both engagement and marriage.

How to Pick An Engagement Ring

There are a variety of engagement rings in the market that are available for a diverse price spectrum from which a person can choose. However, it is best if you have the basic know-how on how to pick an engagement ring.

1. Look closely at the shapes.

Engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes. You have to be familiar with the different shapes of engagement rings in order to find what’s best for your partner.

Engagement rings often come with diamonds, and when jewelers speak of diamonds, there are two things they often talk about: cut and shape.

Cut and shape are sometimes used interchangeably; however, there is a difference between the two.

Shape refers to the overall look of the engagement ring, whereas cut refers to a diamond’s facets or flat surfaces. Facets are important because they can affect how light is reflected thus, creating sparkling effects.

Here are the common shapes of engagement rings:


Round engagement rings come in a perfectly symmetrical circle. Because of the symmetry, this great cut can produce a good amount of sparkles.

Princess Shape

This is probably the second most popular engagement ring shape. Princess-shaped engagement rings are often square with definite, pointed corners. Usually, smaller diamonds are adorned around the bigger diamond in the center.

Pillow Cut or Cushion

Like its name, the shape of this engagement ring is a cross between a square and a rectangle, giving the impression of a pillow.


This particular shape is a cross between an oblong and a circle. Similar to the princess shape, smaller gemstones adorn the space around the primary diamond.


This shape is practically one of the most unique shapes on the market. Marquis-shaped engagement rings are known for their oblong shape with narrow, pointed edges.


Another popular shape for engagement rings, emerald-shaped rings are known for their rectangular shape with cropped corners and facets that produce a step-like sparkle.


This shape is quite similar to the emerald, but instead of a rectangle, it is primarily square-shaped. Also similar to the emerald shape, it produces a step-like facet.


Another popular shape for engagement rings with a rounded bottom and pointed top.


This particular shape is more commonly used in older times. Radiant-shaped engagement rings are rectangular with cropped corners and parallel sides. Think of a fancier version of the emerald shape, but instead of step-like facets, radiant-shaped rings produce triangular facets.


This is mostly limited to personalized engagement rings. Heart-shaped engagement rings are quite popular with younger couples.

2. Be mindful of the setting.

When talking about engagement rings, you’ll often hear about settings.

Settings refer to the way the center stone – in most cases, diamond – is placed into the mound. Looking at the way how the center stone is set is considered to be an engagement ring rule of thumb. Like engagement ring shapes, there are various ways an engagement ring is set.

Here are the common engagement ring settings for your reference:

Channel Setting

When an engagement ring employs a channel setting, a series of smaller gemstones are placed close together between the edges of the band. The area where the gemstones are mounted is called channels.

Halo Setting

This particular engagement ring setting is pretty common among readily available rings in the market. In a halo setting, the smaller gemstones are arranged in a circular pattern that encircles the center stone, giving an impression of a halo.

Split Shank Setting

In this particular setting, the band is designed in a way where it splits as soon as it reaches the middle part where the center stone is located. The split band is often designed with smaller gemstones.


This setting is common for more modern designs of engagement rings. Instead of having the center stone at the top of the band, it is drilled in a hole in the middle of the band.

Bezel Set

At first glance, an engagement ring with a bezel setting looks like a usual ring with a halo setting. However, upon closer inspection, you will see that the center stone is enclosed by metal on all sides hence, only leaving the top exposed.

3. Look at the clarity of the diamond.

Another tip on how to pick an engagement ring is to look at the clarity of the diamond. This is another engagement ring rule of thumb. You don’t have to have an expert eye to gauge the clarity of the diamond. In industry terms, diamond clarity refers to the presence or absence of blemishes and inclusions.

Blemishes and inclusions are structural imperfections within the gemstone due to the diamond’s exposure to natural heat and pressure. The clearer the diamond, the higher the price.

4. Choose a carat weight that is within your budget.

This is probably the most common term used in jewelry and in engagement rings. Carat or carat weight refers to the general weight and how it appears in size.

How much are engagement rings? The carat weight is the determiner of the cost.

5. Choose a metal band that suits your significant other.

What is a ring without a band? One of the primary things you should look out for when picking engagement rings is the material that the band is made up of. Common materials used for engagement rings are gold, silver, titanium, and platinum. Platinum is considered to be the most malleable material out of all the bands. That is why engagement rings with platinum bands are expensive. Observe the types of jewelry that your significant other likes to wear, and choose a band that suits her other jewelry sets.

How to Tell If a Ring is Real

With the advent of technology, there are instances where imitations of diamonds are sold as the real deal. Buyers should be careful since this can mean the loss of a great amount of money. Identifying a real diamond engagement ring requires a bit of work.

Nowadays, diamond testers are sold at an affordable price in the market. However, developing an identification skill can become quite handy. You can do these simple procedures to identify whether your diamond is genuine or fake.

1. Water Test

Get a glass of water, about ¾ full. Carefully drop the diamond into the water-filled glass and observe if it sinks or floats a little. Since real diamonds have a high density, they are supposed to sink underwater. When a diamond floats completely or even partially, you have an imitation. This is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake.

2. Fog Test

How to tell if a ring is real? Do a fog test. Diamonds are supposed to dissipate heat quickly. That is why when you blow into a diamond, the fog will vanish quickly. If the reverse happens, it is likely that the stone on your engagement ring is an imitation or a complete fake.

3. Heat Test

Because diamonds are made with intense heat and pressure, they can withstand high temperatures. Expose your diamond to high heat, then follow it up with exposure to extreme cold like a bowl of ice. If the stone cracks or shatters, it is not a real diamond.

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