5 Golden Rules in Finding Jewelry You Can Wear

5 Golden Rules in Finding Jewelry You Can Wear

Jewelry is one of the most common things bought as gifts for Valentine’s day. Jewelry is a luxury. To create them, jewelers use different types of gemstones and metals that vary in rarity; the rarer the gemstones and metals used, the more expensive a piece of jewelry becomes. Because of this, most people don’t buy jewelry for themselves. If you plan to buy jewelry – for yourself or as a gift – consider these golden rules when looking for jewelry that complements your wardrobe.

1. Plan a Budget

When buying or finding jewelry for yourself or a loved one, always have a strict budget. Depending on the jewelry style and materials used, your gift may cost more than you can spend.

Before purchasing jewelry, consider if you have extra cash to spare. For instance, it’s a rule of thumb to set aside at least two months’ worth of salary to afford a quality engagement ring that will last.

2. Consider the Jewelry’s Form

This rule concerns what appeals to you at first glance – the shape, cut, and overall look of the piece of jewelry you are planning to buy. The jewelry’s overall form can give you an idea of which dress and color you can match it with.

If you plan to buy jewelry to give as a gift, carefully consider the jewelry style the receiver prefers to make sure the jewelry you buy matches their personality and style. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings come in different sizes and carats. Finding jewelry with the appropriate size and design that fits your budget can affect the wearer’s overall look.

3. Be Mindful of the Materials Used

Aside from gemstone cuts and shapes, materials used to create a piece of jewelry are another factor that affects their price. Metals are the primary material used to create jewelry. Three metals are commonly used in jewelry making: gold, silver, and platinum.


Gold is probably the most in-demand metal for jewelry. Jewelers and other professionals who work with gold will often note that gold is soft and easy to shape in its purest form. However, this same softness makes it prone to damage. Modern jewelers will mix copper to make it more durable, stronger, and more suitable for creating jewelry. The more copper used to create an alloy with gold, the lower its market price.

Wearing jewelry that uses gold with 18 karats and above is susceptible to scratches and will require polishing from time to time. Also, if you (or the person you are giving jewelry to) experience allergic reactions to certain metals when wearing jewelry, pure gold is the best option.

Gold often exhibits desirable colors when mixed with other metals, perfect for a perky jewelry style. A perfect example of this is white gold, an alloy of gold and nickel. Another example is rose gold, the result of mixing gold, copper, and silver.

How can you tell if something is real gold? Jewelers use simple tests to determine whether a piece of gold jewelry is real or not. The first thing they look for is a hallmark. A hallmark is an identification stamp that declares the karat weight of the material. Faux gold often comes with its own hallmark – a letter mark – that declares whether it is gold plated or gold filled.


Silver has been a popular choice for jewelry style throughout the decades because of its luster. One of the golden rules in determining your silver jewelry’s authenticity is to look for the .925 stamp in the inner portion of your jewelry.

Authentic silver contains 92.5% purity. Like gold, copper is added to silver to create an alloy called sterling silver. This makes the metal more durable.

Tarnishing is also a sign that your silver jewelry is authentic. Exposure to body oils and other chemicals in the environment tarnishes jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry that stains your shirt or shows signs of tarnishing is a good indication that your silver is real.

Authentic silver will never lose its luster, even if tarnished. Jewelers can simply polish silver jewelry back to its original shine, unlike fake ones that permanently dull with age.

Finding jewelry made with authentic sterling silver doesn’t need to be hard. Another procedure to make sure that the silver or sterling silver in your possession is real is through a magnet test. Although silver is technically a metal, magnets don’t attract it. Silver, like gold and copper, are classified as non-magnetic metals.


Platinum is one of the rarest metals on the planet. Any type of jewelry made from platinum is very expensive. Platinum is durable, doesn’t corrode easily, and doesn’t tarnish, making it a popular choice for jewelry. Its luster is known to last for years, even decades, with minimal care.

Its primary characteristics make it a suitable and symbolic partner to diamonds. Due to its price, buyers are understandably cautious regarding the authenticity of their platinum-based jewelry.

Like silver, jewelry containing 80% platinum or more comes with a stamp declaring the percentage of the platinum present. Jewelers will also weigh platinum jewelry. Because of its density, platinum is heavier than gold and silver. Wearing jewelry made of platinum will feel a little heavy for the bearer.

You can also use magnets to determine the authenticity of the platinum jewelry in your hands. Like gold and silver, platinum is a transitional or non-magnetic metal. Putting magnets near platinum won’t cause any reaction.

4. Know Its Function

Before you purchase jewelry, ask yourself the following questions: why are you buying this jewelry? Does wearing jewelry improve the wearer’s overall look? Will this jewelry fit their wardrobe? Answering these questions can help you determine the type, color, and shape of jewelry to buy.

It’s also wise to think if the piece of jewelry you’re holding is something you’ll use for a long time.

5. Buy Jewelry That Can Serve as an Investment

Purchasing jewelry should be made with long-term plans in mind. You might think: “it’s only jewelry.” Think of it like this: if you buy a piece of quality jewelry, you can sell it at a good price in the future if needed.

Jewelry is also a good source of emergency funds. However, jewelers want consumers to practice a little caution. Jewelry prices tend to be fickle, especially now that the world is entering the third year of the pandemic.

Despite this challenge, jewelry that makes you or your loved ones happy is a good investment. Now that Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching and you have these rules in mind, be confident in browsing jewelry catalogs and choosing only the best.

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