Career 101: How To Become A Jeweler

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Jewelry creation is a dynamic industry perfect for creative, stylish, outgoing, and business-minded people.

With numerous training and employment options, you can quickly learn how to become a jeweler and enter a thriving industry. The only constraints will be time, learning capacity, and personal style preferences.

The internet has changed how all businesses operate, which is undoubtedly the case with the jewelry business. The traditional format of jewelry shops, purchasing, displaying, and selling jewelry is still predominant; however, this is rapidly changing thanks to the internet.

Social media and online retail options have changed how jewelry is bought and sold. It has created new opportunities for people dealing with more minor volume jewelry sales and less conventional designs.

This article will detail the basic steps involved in becoming a jeweler, regardless of whether you wish to work for an employer in a traditional setting or run your own jewelry business.

What is a Jeweler

A jeweler is an expert artisan who works with metals, stones, and gems to produce and repair jewelry. Professional jewelers hone their artistic abilities and handcrafting talents to create wearable works of art that are distinctive, unique, and stand out from the crowd.

Daily Tasks of a Jeweler

In their daily routines, jewelers who work for employers and those who own small enterprises carry out duties, which include:

  • Purchasing supplies and evaluating the metal’s or material’s qualities.
  • Reading orders or instructions and producing jewelry pieces while adhering to quality standards.
  • Engaging with customers about their ideas and informing them of each stage in the jewelry-making process.
  • Creating jewelry pieces by shaping and polishing metals and other materials using various tools and techniques.
  • As a business owner, you’re responsible for all administrative duties, including in-person and online promotion.

How To Become a Jeweler

A jeweler is a profession like any other that needs certain requirements and qualifications to get started. If you’re serious about having a jewelry career, you will find detailed instructions and helpful advice here:

1. Finish high school.

The first step towards entering the jewelry profession is to gain the necessary qualifications, the first of which is a high school or general education diploma. Once this minimum education requirement is obtained, you can enroll in a university degree course such as fine arts and jewelry design.

2. Enroll in a jewelry-making class. 

You can enroll in vocational or jewelry schools or any jewelry-making program to assist you and understand business fundamentals before enrolling in college for a bachelor’s degree. You get knowledge of jewelry repair, casting, welding, enameling, stone setting, and polishing. Moreover, you may learn how to utilize CAD software through several programs. It is a valuable tool for jewelry design in today’s world.

3. Begin as an apprentice.

Becoming an apprentice for a skilled jeweler is the best way to gain experience in the field. Making jewelry, fixing and polishing it, and sculpting ornaments are valuable skills learned during an apprenticeship.

After graduating from high school or the jewelry-making program, you will be eligible to begin your apprenticeship. Many aspiring jewelers will undergo an apprenticeship while still studying to become a jeweler, receiving vocational training and practical experience.

4. Put together a portfolio

The first thing you should do if you want to break into the jewelry business is put together a portfolio of your best work. Photograph the original pieces of jewelry you’ve designed in high resolution and compile the images.

5. Obtain the necessary jeweler certifications.

Earning industry-specific credentials can help you rise in the ranks of the jewelry industry. Jewelers of America offers the following jeweler certifications:

  • Certification for Bench Jeweler Technician
  • Certification for Bench Jeweler
  • Certification for Senior Bench Jeweler
  • Certification for Master Bench Jeweler

After working in the jewelry repair industry for a year, you’ll be qualified for the CBJT. If you wait two years, you can apply for CBJ. Expert jewelers with years of experience should pursue the CSBJ or CSMJ designation. There are some tests, both written and practical, that you must pass to earn these credentials.

Do You Need a License to Be a Jeweler

Whether you require a jewelry license depends on the level at which you enter the industry. No license is required if you only want to sell or buy jewelry. However, if you want to become a jeweler by profession, you will need formal training, a relevant degree, and a jewelry license. In addition, operating a retail jewelry store requires you to obtain the appropriate business permits from your local government.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Jeweler

A jeweler’s skills and personality quirks are as varied as the individuals who practice them. To excel in their field and set themselves apart from the crowd, jewelers need to develop the following set of abilities:


Working with tiny metal and other material components is a requirement for producing jewelry. A high level of manual dexterity and the capacity for repetitive hand motions are needed to shape microscopic design parts in complicated ways.

Design and visualization talent

Making jewelry is a highly artistic craft that calls for an understanding of design. Visualization abilities are essential for producing fabulous creations. Jewelers must produce attractive goods to sell, and the more exquisite and fashionable their creations are, the higher the demand will be for them.

Business and customer service abilities

Working in the jewelry field will require you to interact with customers. Typical client engagements will involve helping them select and buy products, talking about design alternatives, and sizing rings. Being approachable, knowledgeable, and helpful will convince customers that you are the jeweler with which to do business.


To become a jeweler, you must possess different skills and capabilities. Like any other profession, being a jeweler demands continuous learning and upskilling. You are expected to know not just everything there is to know about metals, jewels, and stones but also the most up-to-date assembly processes and worldwide jewelry fashion and trends. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for those individuals contemplating entering the jewelry business and has shed some light on how to become a jeweler.

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