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Gold 101: What are the Different Kinds of Gold

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Since time immemorial, jewelry has always been synonymous with different kinds of gold.

For centuries, it has been the sought-after metal for jewelry for women and men. Gold is a beautiful metal that has been recognized for its beauty. However, it also has physical properties that have captivated people even more. Many jewelry designers and manufacturers prefer gold to other metals because it is resistant to tarnishing and easy to work with.

Furthermore, all kinds of gold can last for many years if well cared for.  It is resistant to oxidation and corrosion and can be damaged by only a few rare acids or bleach. This makes it an attractive metal for designers and consumers alike.

There are many types of gold jewelry on the market, and it can be pretty confusing and overwhelming if you don’t have any basic idea about it. So, here’s a quick guide to understanding gold to ensure that you get the perfect piece when you shop.

How is Carat different from Karat? 

Carats can be used to describe the weight and value of precious gemstones, such as diamonds. On the other hand, karats measures the purity of gold and which karat would be the best for you. While both are used in the jewelry industry measurement, the actual item being measured is different.

Gold is very soft in its pure form. To make jewelry more durable and resilient, gold is often alloyed with other metals like silver, copper, and nickel.

Purity of Gold Classified by its Karats 

 1. 24 Karat Gold   

The most refined gold is the 24k, with a purity of 99.9%. This metal is the most precious and most valuable of all the different kinds of gold.

Pure gold, however, isn’t practical for many types of gold jewelry because it is very soft and malleable.

 2. 18 Karat Gold   

18k gold is 75% pure gold, with 25% of other metals like copper and zinc. It is less shiny but more durable than 24k gold.

Although 18k gold color isn’t as yellow as pure gold, it should not be considered to be of poor quality.

 3. 14 Karat Gold   

The most widely used type of gold, 14k gold, is made of a mix of 58.3% and 41.7% of other metals.

Although 14k gold isn’t as shiny as 18k, it’s more affordable and lasts longer. A 14k-gold ring costs 30% to 60% less than an 18k-gold ring and can withstand daily wear.

 4. 10 Karat Gold   

Only 41.7% of gold is in 10k gold. While it is a popular choice for earrings and affordable jewelry 10k gold isn’t very well-liked for fine jewelry and engagement rings. Consequently, because of its low gold content, many luxury jewel retailers don’t sell 10k gold pieces.

10k gold color is pale and has a light yellow tone than either 14k or 18k. Some people prefer it for its visual subtlety, while others prefer the richer gold tone of 14K or 18K gold jewelry.

Basic Colors of Gold 

Yellow Gold 

Yellow gold jewelry has a decadent shine thanks to a mixture of silver, copper, and pure gold (with traces of zinc). This gives off a warm glow, which is especially suitable for lower color diamonds with faint yellow tints. The percentages of each metal used in creating the alloy may vary. All formulas start with 75% pure Gold for 18k and 58.3%, respectively, for 14k.

White Gold 

Pure gold is often mixed with nickel, palladium, silver, and other whitening alloys to give white-gold jewelry its modern, silvery-white appearance. The piece is plated with a layer of a tough element called Rhodium. Although rhodium plating can last a long time, it may need to be re-plated from time to time.

Rose Gold  

A copper-alloy is responsible for the romantic pink color of rose-gold jewelry. The more copper used in the alloy, the more rosy the hue. Rose gold contains the same amount as white or yellow gold in pure gold. The ratio of other metals in the alloy mix makes it different. Rose Gold is a unique and beautiful choice for engagement rings. It has been a popular trend in recent years.

4 Types of Gold Jewelry 

  •  Gold Plated Jewelry   

What is gold-plated jewelry? As the name suggests, this is when a base metal such as copper, nickel or aluminum is coated using an electroplating solutions or chemical deposit. Gold-plated jewelry is usually the most affordable because it has the lowest amount of gold. The main drawback to this kind of gold jewelry is its susceptibility to fading.

  •  Gold-Filled Jewelry 

What is gold-filled jewelry? A gold-filled piece is not coated with gold. A thick layer of gold is placed on top of a base metal core and then exposed to high pressure. This causes the two to become permanently bonded. The gold must weigh 1/20th of the total metal content to be considered gold-filled. These pieces can last between 10 and 30 years.This type of jewelry can still tarnish, but it’s rare.

  •  Gold Vermeil Jewelry 

What is Vermeil Gold? It is a type of jewelry with gold plating. This type of jewelry is made from a base metal of pure or sterling silver that has been heavily gold plated. The US regulations require that the layer be less than 2.5 microns thick and that the minimum amount of gold purity must not exceed 10k.  Over time, the jewelry can tarnish if the core metal is exposed. Regular, gentle cleaning with a soft cloth can help protect the plating and prevent it from fading

  •  Solid Gold Jewelry 

What is Solid gold? It is the most desirable and expensive of all the gold jewelry options. Solid is a misnomer. A piece made entirely of different kinds of gold would be difficult and expensive to make. Jewelers often mix gold with other metals to give the piece structure and durability. Price will be determined by the amount of gold in the alloy or mixture of metals.

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