Rules For Wearing Jewelry: The Proper Etiquette

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The perfect jewelry can complete your style, accentuate your best features, and complement your fashion ensemble.

To get a particular desired look, you must know how to wear jewelry properly; or more precisely, you must be able to choose the appropriate type of jewelry. Even if you might not like eye-catching, provocative, or bold statement jewelry, there are occasions when it is the most appropriate option. However, at the same time, you must be very selective about the type of jewelry you choose to wear, especially if you don’t want to appear out of place.

With that being said, this article focuses on jewelry etiquette — what you can and cannot do concerning jewelry. Although individuals have worn jewelry for generations to improve their looks or to make a statement, it’s still a must to know the rules for wearing jewelry.

What is Jewelry Etiquette

The question of jewelry etiquette doesn’t have an answer because it depends on personal taste and social standards. However, primarily unspoken yet definite rules for wearing jewelry dictate how to wear jewelry appropriately.

Jewelry etiquette is important because it defines what impression people will make by wearing certain jewelry items. It is also vital because it decides the statement you will make and the image you will portray, which affects how others will see you.

Furthermore, jewelry etiquette is heavily influenced by its effect on other people. Therefore, it is important to wear the appropriate jewelry for different occasions. For example, on a glamorous gala night, you can wear pieces that stand out and say “look at me.” On a normal occasion, it’s best to wear soft muted color jewelry that would blend well with the setting.

Rules For Wearing Jewelry at Weddings

  • According to jewelry rules, wedding guests should only wear jewelry that is simple yet classy. You don’t want to steal the show from the bride, so you should avoid wearing jewelry that is too eye-catching. Any piece of statement jewelry that draws attention to itself would be considered inappropriate.
  • When it comes to wedding jewelry, you should always consider your date. For instance, if your date is sporting a silver tie, you should also accessorize with silver jewelry. Wearing jewelry that clashes with your date’s ensemble is considered a social faux pas.
  • If you plan on wearing a necklace, make sure it is the right length. As a rule of thumb, the necklace’s hem should slightly be below your bust line. You risk coming off as trying too hard if it’s considerably lower than that. Furthermore, if you place it too prominently, it may appear that you are trying to steal the spotlight from the bride.
  • It is acceptable to compliment another party guest on a gorgeous piece of jewelry but never inquire about its cost. Even if the jewelry is something you want to purchase, asking for the price is considered impolite in most social situations.

Rules For Wearing Jewelry at the Office

  • Wear as little jewelry as possible. It’s better not to wear a heavy necklace and a slew of bracelets to a job interview. You don’t want your interviewer to assume you spent too much time preparing.
  • Wearing too little jewelry is not a good idea. Don’t be afraid to flaunt a bit by wearing a few accessories! Choose small and delicate earrings that complement your attire when in doubt.
  • Wearing jewelry with excessive gemstones. Jewelry with massive diamonds or rubies is inappropriate in a business setting.
  • Wearing too casual jewelry for the workplace. Jewelry with skulls, cartoon characters, and other quirky designs is a no-no. If you’re into these designs, you can wear these at a party but definitely not in the office.
  • Avoid donning jewelry that doesn’t go with your attire. Your jewelry should complement the rest of what you’re wearing.

Additional Rules For Wearing Jewelry Anytime

Less is more.

Jewelry is intended to provide the finishing touches to your attire. Wearing too much jewelry only serves to distract from your overall appearance. Whether you consider yourself a minimalist or not, concentrating on one or two key areas will help emphasize your choice of jewelry.

Keep your bracelets to a minimum if you’re stacking rings, and if you have earrings on, wear no more than one necklace. To avoid over-accessorizing or any pieces clashing, it would be best to create just one statement and select understated jewelry pieces to enhance it.

Proportions are everything.

Always keep your overall outfit and jewelry proportions in mind when making a jewelry selection. Choose one bold accessory and play down the rest, layer on understated pieces, or go for a minimalist look with a few well-considered rings, studs, and necklaces.

The occasion is crucial.

We don’t follow any quaint jewelry rules on how to wear jewelry, but we think it’s important to consider the occasion when making your accessory selection. Over-accessorizing or poorly selecting jewelry might have the opposite effect.

Diamonds, valuable stones, and ancestral jewelry are appropriate for formal events but are out of place in the workplace. However, simple everyday jewelry may be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for the office.

Feel free to mix and match

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and materials for your jewelry, as the traditional rule for matching pieces no longer abides. You may now mix and match metals to your heart’s content, and experimenting with new metals, textures, and designs is a great way to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

The ideal method to mix and match is to layer necklaces in both gold and silver, stack your rings, or wear mismatched earrings.


As you can see, we’re all for breaking the rules to let our individuality shine through. Remember that these pieces of jewelry etiquette advice are more like guidelines than strict and binding rules. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable and happy in your favorite ensemble and jewelry accessories.

Learn How To Properly Wear Your Jewelry Now.

Whatever the occasion, jewelry has the power to enhance any fashion ensemble. However, there are a few pointers on how to wear jewelry for any situation. Use them to ensure you aren’t transcending the thresholds of fashion decency. The experts from our Avon Jewelry Store can assist you in making the best decisions when choosing your jewelry according to your preference, budget, and the occasion where you’re planning to wear it. Visit us now and discover the range of choices you can choose from.

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