A Guide to Choosing the Right Necklace and Pendant

A Guide to Choosing the Right Necklace and Pendant

The right necklace can transform your overall appearance.

Knowing the right necklace and pendant to choose is important — even if you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift. Accessorizing with the right necklace and pendant gives that finishing touch to your overall getup. They also give others a hint of your personality to make you shine in any place and occasion. They make not only great investments in your jewelry collection; they also glam up any mundane outfit.

We give you here the 411 on the necklace style to choose to bring out your best self on every occasion. Find out everything you need to know through this necklace guide.

Necklace Length Guide for Men and Women

Men and women have different physiques and necklace specifications. Here’s a necklace length guide to get you started on your search for the perfect necklace and pendant:

Necklace Length Guide for Men

  • 18” – This length is considered a choker. Depending on the neck’s circumference, the necklace may fall a little under the Adam’s apple. For people who are looking for a comfortable fit, consider a longer necklace.
  • 20” – This is the most common necklace length for men. This will sit on the collarbone area.
  • 22” – This length is usually worn outside the shirt. A 22” necklace works for a dog tag, cross, or any other pendant.
  • 24” – A 24” inch necklace sits in the middle of the sternum. It is best worn with a pendant.
  • 30” – This is the longest necklace for men. This is usually worn as it is.

Necklace Length Guide for Women

  • 14” – A 14” necklace is a choker that wraps closely around the necks of most women.
  • 16” – A 16” necklace sits right on the base of the neck. Depending on the neck’s circumference, this will hang just right. For plus-size women, this is more like a choker.
  • 18” – With this length, the necklace sits on the collarbone.
  • 20” – A 20” necklace falls right below the collarbone.
  • 22” – This necklace and pendant length either falls above the bust or at the bust.

Necklace Guide: Factors to Consider

Remember that a necklace and pendant will level up your look. When choosing a necklace to wear, consider your features — neck size, face shape, body type, and height. Once you know the things to consider, you’ll be a pro in picking out the right necklace style.

Here’s everything you need to know in this necklace guide:

1. Neck Size

First on our necklace guide is the neck size. If you love collecting necklaces, knowing your neck size will come in handy. To do this, use a soft measuring tape. Add two inches to the measurement — and that will be the comfortable necklace length for chokers.

Add additional four inches to that, and that’s the right length for necklaces with pendants. A choker-length necklace is perfect for people with longer necks. Those with shorter necks will benefit from standard-length necklaces.

2. Face Shape

The right necklace style serves as a frame for your face. It’s a focal point of any outfit. When choosing a necklace to complete your look, consider your face shape. The right necklace and pendant will highlight your facial features.

  • Oval Face Shape – People with oval-shaped faces have unlimited necklace style options within their reach. They can mix and match as any type of necklaces will suit them.
  • Round Face Shape – Those with round-shaped faces should steer clear of chokers or short necklaces. The right necklace and pendant is one that offers v-lines or geometrical shaping.
  • Rectangular Face Shape – Chunky and lengthy necklaces are perfect for people with rectangular face shapes. Also, consider a bigger pendant to balance out the highlight on your jawline.
  • Heart Face Shape – The right necklace style for people with heart-shaped faces is shorter necklaces. This will look their narrow jaw look wider. This will balance out the hairline — from the top down.

3. Body Type

Your body type also has an influence on the necklace you choose. When you buy necklace, consider your body type. If you have a small bust and are petite, longer necklaces will suit you. This will help create an illusion that you have a fuller bust. If you have a fuller body figure, and you don’t want to emphasize your body’s curves, a shorter necklace length is perfect. This will make your body frame look longer.

People with wider shoulders should choose longer necklaces. This will draw the attention away from the shoulders. If you have a shorter neck, keep away from chokers. Necklaces that offer a v-line appearance will work best.

4. Height

Another factor to consider if you want to buy necklace is your height. People who are below 5’4” will look their best when wearing 16” to 20” necklaces. Those who are 5’4 to 5’7” or taller will be able to flaunt longer necklaces.

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