Dress Up Any Outfit with Gold Chain-Link Necklaces

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Did you ever want to amp up your outfit but didn’t know how?

You can add a touch of elegance to your ensemble with a gold chain-link necklace or gold chain with pendant because they’re subtle yet powerful. Gold chain styles became underrated in the past, but that is about to change.

Today, you can enhance your look with a genuine gold necklace. This shade pairs perfectly with all your outfits, allowing you to accessorize for any event. This is an excellent way to round off an attire without going overboard.

That said, there are many factors to be considered when picking out the suitable types of gold chains to go with your style. Let’s take a look at the most crucial characteristics before purchasing one.

Solid Gold vs. Gold-Plated 

When examining a gold chain, one of the most critical questions is whether it is solid gold or gold-plated.

Gold-plated chains are less expensive, but the plating will fade with time, revealing the base metal. If you wish to restore the chain’s color, you will need to have it replated.

If you intend to wear your chain frequently, pure gold is the more durable option from a physical and mechanical standpoint.

Consider Your Gold Chain Karat

When selecting the karat of your gold chain, remember that the purer the gold, the gentler and less robust it will be.

If you intend to wear your gold chain necklace every day, you should avoid 20Kt and 22Kt pieces, which will wear more quickly than 10Kt or 14Kt chains, which are more complex because they contain more non-alloys.

Although low-karat gold is more resilient, it is not suggested if you are allergic to nickel, as many gold alloys constitute this metal, and the lesser the purity of the gold the more nickel the item may have.

Select the Link Type   

Your gold chain’s ability to kink and its propensity to break depend on the link you select.

For instance, flat links like the herringbone and omega chains are more likely to twist.

The thickness of the links is another critical consideration, which depends on your preferences in terms of style if you plan to wear a pendant. Make sure your gold chain is sturdy enough to support the added weight if you plan to attach a pendant to it.

Decide on the thickness of your links  

This will depend on your preferred style and whether you are wearing a gold chain with pendant. You should ensure that the type of gold chain is strong enough to support any charms.

The box chain and wheat chains are two of the most popular choices for chain link types. They are strong but highly flexible.

Examine the Clasp   

Ensure your gold chain has a clasp that is secure and difficult to break. The lobster clasp is one of the better alternatives because it is sturdy and does not open easily.

Numerous chains come with a spring-loaded ring clasp; these clasps are less expensive but fairly thin and not as sturdy and reliable as the lobster clasp.

Inspect if the Chain is Smooth   

The surface of gold chains can be overlooked. It might seem like a minor issue, but rough chains, especially when they’re fake gold chains, can cause skin irritations.

Check the chain with your fingers to ensure there are no sharp edges that could scratch your skin or catch your clothes.

Ways to Wear a Gold Chain-Link Necklace 

When it comes to wearing gold chain necklaces most stylishly, the essential thing to remember is that the gold chain necklace will either make or break the exquisite style you’re aiming for, depending on how you accessorize it and what you pair it with.

So, if you’re new to styling, here are tips on wearing a gold chain-link necklace.

1. Determine your preferred style.

Before we discuss the gold chain styles of necklaces you can wear, and what you can pair them with, you must first consider the look you desire to achieve.

Most people who wear jewelry opt for a sophisticated, understated style that is easy to pull off regardless of the outfit.

However, not all people are interested in modest yet trendy clothing, and there may be times when you want to wear something new, eye-catching, and perhaps even a little outlandish.

2. Consider your face shape.  

Your face shape will affect how a necklace looks on you. Take note of the size of the gold chain-link necklace you wear.

If your face is oval, choose longer and more v-shaped chains. Conversely, if you have a slender face and a prominent chin, go for shorter, slimmer gold chokers or chains.

3. Choose an appropriate length of gold chain-link necklace.  

When deciding on the length of your necklace, keep in mind the style. It’s a good idea to choose a necklace size that’s at least one size larger than your neck size after getting a measurement. If your neck measures 18 inches, your best bet is to go with a chain at least 20 inches long.

4. How thick should the chain necklace be?   

Thick and bulky necklaces will stand out, regardless of whether they are worn inside or outside your shirt. On the other hand, thin necklaces can be worn every day and are exquisite and more stylish.

Key Takeaway

No matter the size of the gold chain-link necklace, its simplicity makes it a great piece to wear with different outfits and jewelry pieces.

As there are several types of these jewelry items on the rack, you must select them with consideration. It is essential to choose a piece that complements the shape of your neck and falls to the correct length. They should bear the maker’s mark and have a high resale value. You should settle only for gold chain styles that compliment your personality and sense of style to its maximum potential.

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