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How to Find the Necklace for Your Neckline Top

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A necklace can be a simple way to add elegance and style to any fashion ensemble.

Due to their versatility, necklaces can adapt to suit any style or personality. There are many options available, so you can choose from a simple gold pendant to match your black dress or a more elaborate necklace to make you stand out among the crowd. However, choosing the right necklace for different neckline tops can be challenging.

It’s a form of art with a delicate mixture of science to determine how to fuse in the different characteristics of a necklace to come up with a stylish and refined look. While you are free to express your creativity, some guidelines can be followed to ensure your necklace complements your neckline.

Choosing necklaces for any neckline doesn’t need to be complicated. All that you need is the correct information to serve as your guide.

Necklace Suggestions for Every Neckline Top 

Button Down   

A bib necklace can add sophistication to the neck and bring attention. You can adjust the length of your bib necklace to match your button-down neckline.

Scoop Neck   

You need something that follows the same lines as your favorite shirt but adds some flair to your neck. You can accent this feminine, versatile type of neckline with a short-chain necklace or a longer pearl necklace.

Crew Neck 

You can wear a true classic from work to the party and anywhere. A necklace with a drama will give the crew neck some extra flair. A statement collar necklace will hide the neckline seams. Moreover, you can go bold with a metal necklace or elegant and feminine with a diamond necklace.


You have many options for necklaces that you can wear with a strapless neckline. But a choker necklace is the best choice. To create a unique look, you can layer different lengths of necklaces.

Boat Neck   

Boat necklines are elegant and conservative, making it easy to layer necklaces for this neckline. It would be best if you layered long necklaces of different lengths. Additionally, you can mix and match pendant chains with chain-only necklaces to create a unique look.


An asymmetrical neckline can be a great way to downsize any outfit. You can balance your outfit with a small pendant necklace, whether for the traditional look or the more trendy “accidental slip on the shoulder” style. This will give your collarbone some sparkle and attention.


A plunging neckline requires the perfect accessory to complete the outfit. You want a long necklace with a pendant that is heavy so that it follows your plunging neckline. For a sophisticated look, wear a long necklace for this neckline to add allure for a captivating look.


A strapless style is similar to the one that shows your shoulders. The attention should be on your collarbone, not your shoulders. You can layer choker necklaces for this neckline or find a statement choker to bring attention up to your face.


A statement necklace is a perfect choice for the warm, comfortable, and cozy hug that a turtleneck provides. You can find the right balance by using precious stones and long chains. If you can’t think of what necklace to wear with this neckline, you can experiment with different lengths of necklaces. You can wear layered necklaces to dress up your neckline and chest area. This will make your accessories the focus of your look.

Cowl Neck 

Cowl necklines are less popular nowadays, but they still make an appearance. You can’t go wrong with this delicate classic. A cowl neckline can be paired with a choker necklace or a pendant chain. A subtle sparkle behind the cowl neckline will brighten your frame.


Sweetheart necklines are best if you focus on your necklaces. This is one of the most feminine necklines that you can wear.  A collar necklace with a pendant that complements the curve of your sweetheart neckline will make a bold statement.

Different Necklace Lengths 

  • Choker – The shortest length of a choker is between 14-16 inches. Choker necklaces are usually worn high on the neck or directly on it. Chokers are also back and in fashion, making them a popular choice.

  • Matinee – A matinee length necklace typically measures between 20-24 inches. These necklaces are best worn at the bust based on the necklace length chart.

  • Opera – Opera length necklaces measure 24-32 inches in length. For a shorter look, you can wrap opera length necklaces twice.

  • Princess – Princess-length necklaces are slightly lower than the neck and rest at the collarbone. A delicate diamond or a bold pendant are the most common features of a princess length necklace.

  • Rope – A rope-length necklace is anything that exceeds 32 inches. Layering rope length necklaces with shorter lengths is a popular option.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Necklace 

When choosing a necklace to accent your neckline, there are more factors than the length and style of the necklace. Here are some things to keep in mind:

 1. The Time of Day  

Stick to simple styles throughout the day and more complex styles in the evening.

 2. The Occasion  

Your choice of necklace will depend on the occasion. Do you plan to attend a casual lunch or a more formal event. Your outfit should be influenced by the length and style of your necklace.

 3. Your Neck Length  

The style of a necklace can also be affected by the length of your neck. A choker is a great option if you have a long neck. A V-neck necklace, especially a stunning pendant, will give you a more graceful, swan-like look.

4. Matching the Necklace with Your Outfit  

The neckline of your top should not be the only thing to consider. Be mindful of the style and color of your outfit and limit the amount of jewelry you use per outfit. Avoid matching old sets.

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