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Turquoise December Birthstone: What You Need To Know

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Birthstones are precious gems that are associated with a person’s birth month. Generally, each gem has a separate meaning and represents distinct attributes that are thought to belong to the person who wears the jewels. Some months only have one birthstone, whereas others have two and each month’s birthstone has an absorbing backstory dating back […]

Smart Tips When Buying a Jewelry Christmas Gift

PJ-Christmas jewelry gift

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we’re starting to consider what presents to buy for the special people on our Christmas shopping list. For those of us with hectic schedules, we mostly put off Christmas shopping until the last minute. But this year, let’s avoid the Christmas rush by dedicating some time to choosing […]

Amazing Facts About Emeralds

PJ-Raw emerald gem in rare stone mine, bright green stone

Emeralds are one of the four most recognized precious gemstones, which have been revered through generations for their elegance and vivid green color. The term emerald is frequently given to landscapes with the same green, vibrant, and lush attributes, indicating the esteem in which we hold the emerald. Since Ancient Egyptian times, emeralds have been […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Diamond Grading

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The numerous properties of diamonds make them attractive gemstones for various jewelry designs, such as adding a diamond to a ring or on a pair of earrings. Available in a vast array of shapes and carat weights, diamonds can be paired with some precious metals ranging from silver to platinum. Due to their resilience and […]

Valuable Tips in Choosing Wedding Jewelry

PJ-Red and white tulip and rose wedding bouquets

Your wedding is your moment to shine. It is a special ceremony in which you and your partner will exchange vows and pledge to love each other for the rest of your lives. Although a wedding dress can transform you into a lovely bride, wedding jewelry is vital for completing your bridal style. Your choice […]

Metals For Jewelry 101: The Ultimate Guide

PJ-Silver jewelry

Jewelry stores can be fascinating places to explore because of the dazzling displays of precious metals and stones that grab your attention. Yet, for others, shopping for a new piece of jewelry can be daunting because they are uncertain about what they want. For these people, several different questions confront them. For example, do you […]

Rules For Wearing Jewelry: The Proper Etiquette

PJ-Fashion Woman Portrait

The perfect jewelry can complete your style, accentuate your best features, and complement your fashion ensemble. To get a particular desired look, you must know how to wear jewelry properly; or more precisely, you must be able to choose the appropriate type of jewelry. Even if you might not like eye-catching, provocative, or bold statement […]

Career 101: How To Become A Jeweler

PJ-Female goldsmith inspecting jewelry using magnifying glass in workshop

Jewelry creation is a dynamic industry perfect for creative, stylish, outgoing, and business-minded people. With numerous training and employment options, you can quickly learn how to become a jeweler and enter a thriving industry. The only constraints will be time, learning capacity, and personal style preferences. The internet has changed how all businesses operate, which is […]

What’s the Story Behind Every Gemstone: The Ultimate Guide

PJ-Colorful of different gemstones

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of gemstones, this guide will provide you with all the information you need. Rubies, diamonds, and emeralds of all shapes and sizes have long been the subject of folklore and even curses because of their mystical properties. Aristocrats, wealthy collectors, and movie stars have all fallen […]

How To Tell the Difference Between a Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds

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Choosing whether to purchase a lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond is important when purchasing jewelry. Despite their similarities, there are a few things to remember when deciding which type of stone is best for you. These considerations are especially relevant if you’re on a tight budget and want the most bang for your buck. […]